Artist statement

    Curiosity gives me no rest. The scope of the visual research interests is not limited to one theme or technique. Initially photography was a certain kind of psychotherapy for me. After completion of each project, something important was changing in me: my attitude to success, religion, disabled people, ethnic identity, my attitude towards my parents. This was a period of continuous personal transformation.


    The main element that fascinates me in photography in the process of search is time: the time of exposure, the curvature of the past-present-future sequence, projection of the moments onto the paper, materialization of light fluxes which creates the illusion of you having grasped the moment of life. To find oneself in the past is physically impossible, but photographing for me has become a kind of the “wormhole” that allows me to find the shortest path through space and experience something that was impossible earlier in my time. Work on the series "City of childhood" has given me the opportunity to overcome the unresolved internal conflict, after that I eventually allowed myself to get acquainted with my birth father.


    The paradox of the "time" concept consists in the fact that we feel it intuitively, as far as using it to fix the chronological changes and synchronize our internal rhythm with the outer one. But its existence is not fully knowable, perhaps because the world of physicists and mathematicians is based on formulas and immutable laws, and where there is no change, there is no time. This raises more questions for me, than gives answers.

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